Introducing Suluhu: a new approach to research consulting

Suluhu is standard Kiswahili – the widest reaching language in east and central Africa – and can be translated by ‘resolution’, ‘reconciliation’, or ‘peace’ (in the sense of a peace that follows the settlement of a problem).

In taking up this name, or denomination, we want to frame our team and identity as group that aims at resolving problems, challenges, and issues as well as researching their essence and responding to questions arising in this regard.

‘We’, that is a group of motivated young specialists that collaborate as a decentralised consulting team. We offer our services as consultants in issues relating to the subsequent topical clusters:

  • armed and non-armed conflicts
  • development programming and financing
  • culture, religion, and tolerance
  • gender, violence, and empowerment
  • governance, transition, and institution-building
  • humanitarian aid, access , and security
  • labour and migration rights
  • peacekeeping, civilian protection, and mediation
  • public health financing and management
  • renewable energy management
  • resource governance and management

Our geographical expertise primarily spans across East and Central Africa. However, our group includes specialists for other regions too.

Our main aim and concern is to overcome the early 21st century boom business of flat jet-set consultancy that not always meets the needs of a fine-grained and context-based analysis that crucial questions and challenges demand for.


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